We invite delegates from around the world to join us for the 20th jubilee annual TAPOST (Theory and Practice of Software Testing) Conference in Riga, Latvia, on 9 – 10 October 2019. The first day will be dedicated to full-day training sessions/workshops and the Testing Hackathon. The second day will host conference presentations.

The whole TAPOST 2019 will be devoted to effective and efficient testing under the conditions of frequent and fast delivery cycles. We encourage talks (brief – 20 min or – 40 min long) addressing any aspect of the theme you can see HERE. 


Please submit your proposals via link here, by 15 February 2019.
Be ready to provide abstract (200 words), main takeaways, information about your experience.


The presenters can apply for covering of travel and accommodation costs within reasonable limits and economy class in mind. Workshop/tutorial speakers will have individually arranged fees paid.


The TAPOST Program Committee will evaluate the content of your proposal for relevance to the conference theme, originality, and timeliness. Special attention will be given to proposals that:

  • reflect learned from real projects
  • demonstrate innovative solutions
  • generate ideas or contribute to ongoing discussion about the software testing
  • encourage active learning among conference attendees.

CONTACT INFORMATION: www.tapost.org • info@tapost.org