CEPIS celebrates 30 years as principal network for ICT professionals in Europe CEPIS marked its 30th anniversary on 10 May, bringing members and stakeholders together for an event in the Hilton Brussels Grand Place hotel dedicated to best practices in digital skills development in Europe. The session was co-hosted with digital skills certification body, ECDL […]

Digital Innovation Network project partners invite you to international CEF Digital Building Blocks discussion seminar which takes place in Tallinn, 24 April 2019 10:00 – 16:00 at the Joint Ministry building in Suur-Ameerika 1 (room Tamm). AGENDA REGISTRATION Seminar is for free and main language is English. First half of the day is focusing on presentations […]

DIGINNO Best Digital Transformation Practices Sworn Notary Online – any Notarial Service in a Convenient Place and Time The Council of Sworn Notaries of Latvia The Council of Sworn Notaries of Latvia is a representational and supervisory institution of sworn notaries, as well as administrative and executive institution. It represents sworn notaries of Latvia and […]

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DIGINNO Best Digital Transformation Practices VALPRO digitization Continuous changes to energy efficient production and environmentally friendly management. Universal equipment manufacturing VALPRO Ltd. is one of the largest metal processing companies in The Baltic States with specialization in manufacturing of metal fuel cans, cylinders for fire extinguishers and other systems and providing periodic inspection of gas […]

Ecolines Operators Workspace (OWS) For Passenger Carrier’s ECOLINES Operators Efficiency and Customer Service Transportation and Logistics ECOLINES is the biggest passenger carrier in the Baltic States, providing bus rides to 21 countries and more than 200 cities across Eastern and Western Europe. The company is already running business in the passenger transport market for 20 […]

DIGINNO Industry digitization conference  under the motto Making Industry 4.0 real, which will take place in Lithuania (Kaunas) on 20th March 2019. Most of the presentations will introduce real examples from companies’ activities and business solutions: what challenges and transformations they faced, how much investments they needed, and what returns are already gained or expected in the future […]

show casE: KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER 13.02.2019.  Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Peldu Street 25, Room 409 REGISTRATION AGENDA Envisioning „TO-BE“ Withing DIGINNO project it is decided to use the principles of service design to develop the e-services. Hence, the first step is to envision the „TO-BE“ as all parties need to agree what is the […]

The international conference Digital Transformation of the Engineering Industries in the Baltic Sea region took place on November 30 in Riga in the framework of the biggest industrial fair in the Baltic Sea Region Tech Industry 2018. Diginno BSR Innovation conference gathered 87 participants from 6 Baltic and Nordic countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Finland, […]

YOUNG-ICT WOMEN, the first project signed under the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment, officially launched on 12 December 2018 in Brussels. Women4IT´s aim is to develop digital competencies and thereby the employability of young women (15 – 29 years of age) at risk of exclusion from the labor market as well as to […]

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YOUNG ICT WOMEN project kicks off aiming to provide innovative solutions to increase the number of girls and young women in the digital economy in seven European countries.

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We would like to invite you to the international conference Digital Transformation of the Engineering Industries in the Baltic Sea region which will take place on November 30 in the framework of the biggest industrial fair in the Baltic Sea Region Tech Industry 2018! This Industry 4.0 Innovation event is organized by LIKTA, MASOC (Association of Mechanical Engineering […]

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We invite delegates from around the world to join us for the 20th jubilee annual TAPOST (Theory and Practice of Software Testing) Conference in Riga, Latvia, on 9 – 10 October 2019. The first day will be dedicated to full-day training sessions/workshops and the Testing Hackathon. The second day will host conference presentations.