The 22nd annual LIKTA conference “DIGI – > FIT 2020” was held on December 2. It was a unique fully digital conference with very comprehensive and diverse content, highlighting the essential values of digital transformation   processes – leadership, tactics, strength, endurance, technology tools and fair play.

LIKTA conference was opened by the President of Latvia, Egils Levits, confirming the important role of ICT industry in the Latvian economy. The key-note speeches and presentations were delivered by the President of LIKTA, prof. Signe Balina, the president of Latvian Mobile Phone (LMT), prof. Juris Binde, director of Digital Transformation, Krists Avots, professor of Anthropology at University College London, PhD Daniel Miller, president of Microsoft in Central and Eastern Europe, Philippe Rogge, chairman of the Board of Latvian State Radio and Television Center, Edmunds Belskis, member of the Board of the Latvian e-Sports Federation, Head of the e-sports club Goexanimo, Janis Dzerve.

During the event LIKTA ICT Award Platinum Mouse 2020 winner were awarded. They were an excellent example of how digital technologies provide business continuity and, at the same time, boost competitiveness, quality of life and security in today’s uncertainty. Media partnership with the leading portal in Latvia allowed the conference to be broadcasted to a wide range of viewers, with Live impressions number exceeding 42K during the event.