LIKTA and the State Employment Agency promotes women involvement in the ICT sector

Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA) is starting co-operation with the State Employment Agency to promote the involvement of young women in the ICT sector and digital jobs. Within the framework of the international project “Women4IT”, LIKTA organized a workshop to inform State Employment Agencies career counsellor about training opportunities for 18-29 year old NEET women.

As part of the cooperation, the first workshop of State Employment Agency career counsellor took place on Friday, July 10, where the counsellors were provided with information about the six out of eight  job profiles localized in Latvian, digital skills and knowledge assessment tests and training programs developed within the Women4IT project. Initially, young women in Latvia and six other pilot partner countries will have the opportunity to acquire the digital skills needed in one of eight job profiles – Customer service support representative, Data analyst, Information systems tester, Project assistant, Digital media specialist, Graphic designer, Junior web developer and Data protection officer. Job profiles are country specific and each piloting partner have selected job profiles that address the specific skills shortages experienced by employers and are most in-demand.

The online platform, developed jointly by nine European countries, also provides info graphics and descriptions of each profile so that potential trainees can understand what job responsibilities are in each profile, what skills should be obtained and what qualities they should have. The Women4IT project aims not only to provide free training for the above target group, but also to ensure mentorship for the young women employability.

In order to promote the participation of young NEET women, LIKTA and State Employment Agency have signed a Cooperation Agreement aimed to inform and involve young women in the ICT sector and digital jobs, decrease youth unemployment and gap of women in ICT sector. All information about the training of the project “Women4IT” will be available to State Employment Agency clients.

The project Nr.2017-1-094 “YOUNG-ICT WOMEN: Innovative Solutions to increase the numbers of EU vulnerable girls and young women into the digital agenda” benefits from a 2.714.304 € grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. The aim of the project is to increase the numbers of EU vulnerable girls and young women into the digital agenda.