Virtual seminar to showcase 3SIIF on 29 April 2021

Investing in the fastest-growing region in Europe

An event to promote the practical side of the Three Seas Initiative

Throughout 2020, Estonia oversaw the growth of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund and pushed for greater intergovernmental cooperation in the Three Seas region. To keep up this momentum on the road to Sofia, where the next summit and business forum will be held, Estonia will be organising a high-level event to emphasise the practical side of the initiative.

One of the most important vehicles to achieve the region’s ambitious infrastructure development goals is the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund. This fund will serve as a lighthouse project to illustrate the benefits of combining public and private money to support large-scale cross-border infrastructure developments.

Nine countries and the first private investor have joined or announced their decision to commit to the fund so far, bringing its total volume close to €1.2 billion. The first investments from the fund have already been finalised, and many more will follow.

What do we hope to achieve with the event?
The aim of the event is to raise awareness of and interest in the fund by characterising its strengths and potential. We will describe the politically inspired and commercially driven nature of the fund, provide an overview of how to successfully apply for funding and present a case study on how this has been done. The event is designed to introduce the fund as a viable source of financing to expand businesses in the transport, energy and digital sectors in the Three Seas region – a market of 110 million EU citizens with the fastest economic growth in Europe.

During the event we will also describe how the fund is managed and highlight reasons why private investors and international financial institutions should invest in it.

The first event will be organised from Estonia and be targeted at the Baltic States and Poland. If it proves successful, we will then consider organising further events targeted at the Visegrad Group countries and Slovenia.

Who is the event for?
The first event will be targeted at the Baltic and Polish business communities in the transport, energy and digital sectors. We will focus on entrepreneurs and C-level executives who are looking for ways to expand their businesses or focus on exports or who are searching for solid investment opportunities. In addition, we are planning to involve credit institutions, investment management companies and institutional investors.

The event is also targeted at policy-makers – senior officials from ministries, national development organisations and large public-sector organisations managing infrastructure.

What will happen at the event?
The event on 29 April 2021 will adopt a hybrid format – with participants on site and on screen. The live broadcast of the event will start at 13:00.

The full programme and the link for registration can be found HERE