DIGITAL SUSTAINABILITY FORUM “Common Health Data Resource for Smart Health”

The Digital Sustainability Forum will take place from 10:00 to 14:00 on June 9, 2020, in a digital environment. 

The event will focus on a common European Health Data Resource (EHDR), in particular the legal, regulatory and technology framework requirements related to the development and usage of EHDR.

The Forum will be set up as a digital roundtable and each expert team will focus on one of the following topics:

  1. Definition of national and international regulations for fast and cost-effective genomic and other health data sharing and use.
  2. Implementation of sharing genomic and other health data in international data platforms or consortia research in a safe manner that is compliant with GDPR, national and international regulations.
  3. Development of a legal framework for access and reuse of genomic and other health data from clinical diagnostic for secondary use in research.
  4. Harmonization and validation of genomic and other health data from various sources for the use in developed IT health solutions.
  5. Definition of the rules for commercialization of the intellectual property rights for the advancements/inventions based on genomic and other health data research.
  6. System for sharing, securely and conveniently, trustworthy information on health data between citizens and authorities which support the better management of COVID19 crisis. 

EVENT AGENDA FOR 09.06.2020.

Opening speech by H.E. President of The Republic of Latvia Mr. Egils Levits:

Keynote speakers:
Szymon Bielecki, Programme Officer EU policies, The EU initiative “1+ Million Genomes”
Elena Bonfiglioli, Microsoft

Team work session: Target state

Team work session: Formulate possible solutions

Team work session: Designing recommendation:

Checkpoint: Small presentations

Feedback from discussions

Team work session: Stakeholder mapping

Team work session: Prioritization

Team work session: Prepare road map and final presentation  

Team final presentations

Closing remarks, conclusions

To register for the digital roundtable, please fill out the registration form until May 25, 2020 and choose two of the team topics most relevant for you.

The number of participants is limited; thus we recommend you to register as soon as possible to guarantee your participation in the event. Participation by invitations only. 

The Digital Sustainability Forum in Latvia is organized by the Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA), Latvia’s Ministry of Economics and Microsoft.